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NLPX Producte Design

NLPX Design is one of largest its kind in Asia. Have the design team with the best

NLPX customers throughout the world, although these customers are in different markets, they are eager and want to design more Success. Classic design NLPX our rigorous scientific spirit and the combination of aesthetic design, strict compliance with the new design flow Yee, Enterprises in different fields to provide creative and practical product design solutions. Cover the medical device design experience Firearms, household appliances, information products, furniture and other fields. Design group with sophisticated 3D software applications and a wealth of manufacturing experience, Shanghai region with a mature production technology, creating value for customers. In NLPX, innovative design is our pursuit. Trojans hope that through their ongoing efforts to explore step by step NLPXtion process and the nature of the design concept to give a more profound meaning of wisdom, the efforts of people, the environment, product and business between the change
More harmonious!

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