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Car in the modern society has not only is a transport, car is a dynamic work of art, or a sculpture. Successful automobile modeling design is that people want to love first love, like falling in love with this model, then this model is a successful model. Designers in addition to satisfy people's function need, also want to continuous innovation, constantly according to the people's demand for vehicles to improve upgrade, people in addition to walking outside, more needs to be a visual impact, and driving experience. In order to meet the desire of people free driving, stylist combined with car comfort and jeep off-road performance, design a new model -- SUV. SUV originated in the United States in the 1980 s. English Sports Utility Vehicles SUV is the abbreviation of, meaning in Chinese is sport Utility cars. Here is mainly refers to those who design halfback, modelling novel four-wheel drive sports cars. As people living standard rise, this car is not limited to cross-country, but also widely used in urban leisure life and a variety of utility. They are also a typical representative of the SUV. The most attractive place, in addition to have high-grade cars outside the comfort, but also have higher cross country ability and safety, and has the attitude, is convenient for daily life, traveling and field leisure. This is because the front suspension SUV car models of independent spiral spring suspension, after suspension is off road car dependent leaf spring suspension, the space is larger, manned cargo also do a job with skill and ease. From the SUV models performance can see, SUV is the pursuit of freedom and fashionable crowd first choice models. With the rise of China's automobile market, SUV also follow the development of China's automobile industry in China's rapid development, some high-end luxury brand in China is particularly successful, for example by one cayenne first occupation of the Chinese market and win big profits porsche, with high performance and comfortable luxury SUV captured the city market BMW X series, and running ML series, and so on, these cases success show China market for high-end SUV demand, therefore we can also found that this year's Beijing auto show, many high-end house car aiming at the Chinese good SUV market, introduced in high-end SUV, for example, lamborghini, maserati, bentley, etc are introduced in the first paragraph of suvs, aimed at Chinese market, can see from this, the Chinese market in the future to high-end SUV will also have a big potential market, and as people life quality rise, the pursuit of freedom pursuit of art car consumption concept also will gradually deepen. So the future sales of high-end SUV lead the whole auto industry development.

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